Providing Simple...Secure...Financial Solutions That Just Make Sense

"Rule #1: Never Lose Money. Rule #2: Never Forget Rule #1."

~ Warren Buffett

If you're looking for a firm that specializes in principal protection and works to safeguard your hard earned assets, you've come to the right place. At Safe Money Consultants we only offer secure financial solutions designed to address our client's financial needs and develop optimal custom strategies that allow our clients to protect their principal, lock in their gains, and most importantly not lose money due to the volatility of the stock market. Safe Money Consultants has been located in Atlanta since 1999, please allow us to put our experience and financial knowledge to work for you.

Our mission is to help you safely preserve the assets you've worked so hard for, position those assets for lifetime income, maximize inflation protection, minimize your taxes, and then help you safely earn a reasonable rate of return while protecting your principal. This is what we have been doing successfully for our clients for over 20 years. Our approach is to pursue an in-depth understanding of your situation as well as the personal values you hold. Over the years, this simple yet intimate approach has helped us guide our clients toward their goals

We strive to offer our clients financial resolutions with a clear emphasis on safety, certainty, and predictable outcomes. Our Safe Money Consultants always endeavor to provide financially and ethically sound planning solutions and asset preservation strategies for the long-term concerns of individuals either nearing retirement or those who are currently retired.

Since pensions have gone the way of the dinosaur, we help our clients replace that which was the bedrock of your safe comfortable retirement: the company-provided pension plan. This process essentially focuses on creating your own self-controlled, self-funded pension plan. This enables you to have  control, flexibility, security of principal, and an income stream you can't outlive. Often, we are able to create a source of tax-free retirement income for our clients.